REPLAY: 2011 Oscar Documentary Features

The final five:

Waste Land

What can we learn from the world’s largest dumpster? Too many trash, too few recycler. Too many poverty, too few rich people. So when the rich and famous decides to ‘give back’ a small percentage of their success, it will only provide an even tinier fraction of hope. Won’t solve the problem, but a fraction is always better than none, right?

My Rating: 6/10



Exit Through The Gift Shop

Art is basically nothing but a big expensive joke?

My Rating: 7/10







They poisoned water to get money. There will be the time when they realize they can’t drink money.
But wait. They? Maybe they’ll have all the money in the world to BUY clean water. How about the rest of us??

My Rating: 7/10





Look at those invincible mountains! How on earth are they suppose to win that war?

My Rating: 8/10






Inside Job

This is the world that actually legalize rich people to rob the poor and get away safely…with huge profits.

My Rating: 8/10



Who’d I like to win:

Art, war, big companies trashing the earth, happens almost every other day. Global financial meltdown, that’s the big headline of the year. Inside Job totally owns it.

Now, who’d YOU like to win?


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