*New Release* Moby: ‘Destroyed’

Release date: May 17, 2011

01. The Broken Places
02. Be The One
03. Sevastopol
04. The Low Hum
05. Rockets
06. The Day
07. Lie Down In Darkness
08. Victoria Lucas
09. After
10. Blue Moon
11. The Right Thing
12. Stella Maris
13. The Violent Bear It Away
14. Lacrimae
15. When You Are Old

My favorite tune: Stella Maris

Either play it too safe or his musical creativity hits the wall, again. Twelve years and six studio albums later since Play (1999), Moby is still more or less in the same ground that we already know a little bit to well while electronica itself is virtually have no boundaries. You can sought any sound, create and fuse multiple genres and invent new beats with just a few keyboard strokes and mouse clicks. I do believe Moby will be just fine even if he write new materials that don’t bear too many aftertaste echoes of his previous megahits.

My Rating: 6/10


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