*New Release* Boris: ‘Heavy Rocks’ & ‘Attention Please’

Release date: May 24, 2011

Heavy Rocks
01. Riot Sugar
02. Leak -Truth,yesnoyesnoyes
03. Galaxians
04. Jackson Head
05. Missing Pieces
06. Key
07. Window Shopping
08. Tu, La La
09. Aileron
10. Czechoslovakia

My favorite tune: Key

My Rating: 8/10

Release date: May 24, 2011

Attention Please
01. Attention Please
02. Hope
03. Party Boy
04. See You Next Week
05. Tokyo Wonder Land
06. You
07. Aileron
08. Les Paul Custom ’86
09. Spoon
10. Hand in Hand

My favorite tune: You

My Rating: 9/10

It’s like suddenly these maestros are trying to be everything all at once. After last March’s near disastrous J rock mainstreamesque New Album, this time Boris comes with a much smarter decision by splitting their materials into two separate albums, minimizing potential ‘damage’, Heavy Rocks with all familiar classic drone metal male sound and Attention Please for their recent feminine shoegaze explorations. The results are stunningly marvelous: from sell-out to far-out!


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