Area 51

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base

As of 2011, the lunar-landing conspiracy is one of three primary conspiracies said to have been orchestrated at Area 51. The other two that dominate conspiracy thinking involve captured aliens and UFOs, and an underground tunnel and bunker system that supposedly exists below Area 51 and connects it to other military facilities and nuclear laboratories around the country. Each conspiracy theory contains elements of fact, and each is perceived differently by the three government agencies they target: NASA, the CIA, and the Department of Defense. In each conspiracy theory lies an important clue about the real truth behind Area 51.

It all began in Nevada and doesn’t have to be about some little green men.
Full of errors? Just another hoax, labeled and marketed as ‘history’? I guess the great debate about those supposed secrets of Area 51 won’t end anytime or anywhere soon, but beyond that, it can remind us once again of how so many honest simple brave men, who we would call true heroes if we ever know they’re exist, did spectacular deadly jobs that are kept in dark utmost secrecy, unrecognizable by their nation’s official history books, while the supposedly smart great people with their ever greater power in high bureaucracy do too many horrible and reckless things, fueled by ego driven child-with-daddy’s-loaded-gun attitude, hiding behind the name of national security and science interests.
And that’s also untrue? Well, you don’t have to believe anybody, but we all know that it’s not a black and white world out there. Whatever they did, it paved the way for America to be the last standing superpower today. That, at least, is fact.


2 thoughts on “Area 51

  1. I saw this in the New York Times Bestseller list and I’m wondering, since this book is non-fiction, if Area 51 is true? And if so, what did the people do behind it? Their purpose in creating or something like that.

    • Many people still doubting the non-fictionality of this book, some believes this is just another deception by US government, and some even says this is just a product of its author fantasy.
      As detailed in this book, also in other books about this topic, Area 51 is a much real secret military test zone. The true fact is US government develops secret planes and weapons in that site. Anything beyond that, UFOs and such, are theories and rumors.

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