Atari Teenage Riot: ‘Is This Hyperreal?’

Release date: June 21, 2011

01. Activate
02. Blood In My Eyes
03. Black Flags
04. Is This Hyperreal?
05. Codebreaker
06. Shadow Identity
07. Rearrange Your Synapses
08. Digital Decay
09. The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope
10. Collapse Of History

My favorite tune: Shadow Identity

The first three songs feels very ‘Rage Against the Machine’, but then thankfully in the fourth song ATR snapped back to their industrial selves. Maybe Alec and Nic are just some eleven years too old for these kind of political-revolutionary rants, self reference lyrics, and the punk’s trademark ‘one, two, three, four!’ shout repeated again and again in almost every song. What revolution, guys? I guess riots are always better left to younger bands; real teenagers, not the hyperreal ones.

My Rating: 5/10


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