The Captains: Humans After All

Naturally a must see for every living Trekkers and Trekkies out there.
Of course a show from Bill is always too much about Bill, but you’ll be surprised of how little you actually know about the actors playing those favorite characters you think you know like the back of your hands for so many years.
It will be enlightening and heartbreaking. They are humans after all.

My Rating: 7/10


Sleep Furiously (2008)

US release date: July 29

Landscapes, simple rural life, general farming, mobile library, community school kids, and old village people with their pets and hobbies bore the crap out of you? Then you shouldn’t watch this cause it’ll put you to sleep, as the title suggests, quite effectively.

My Rating: 6/10

Captain America-The First Avenger: Marvel Betrays Their Own Hero(es)

We can tolerate World War II with laser rifles and automatic gun turrets, but can’t stand much of a lazy writing.
Maybe Marvel tried so hard to emulate the success formula of the first Spider-Man movie script, then it looks like that they gave up and decided to just ‘re-use’ it.
Why do they have to alter Cap’s origin story into this cartoonish USO show performer?

It’s an oh-so-obvious cheap steal from Peter Parker’s short living amateur wrestling career back story! Woah….

To make the transformation from scrawny Steve to courageous Captain more believable? Well, if they can make us believe those english speaking HYDRA henchmen and the whole Howard Stark overuse, then basically they can make us believe anything right? Cap deserves so much better than this.

My Rating: 3/10

*New Release* Vanessa Carlton: ‘Rabbits on the Run’

Release date: July 26

01. Carousel
02. I Don’t Want to Be A Bride
03. London
04. Fairweather Friend
05. Hear The Bells
06. Dear California
07. Tall Tales For Spring
08. Get Good
09. The Marching Line
10. In the End

My favorite tune: Hear The Bells

Pop music with qualities are very rare these days–well, maybe any days–thankfully dear Miss Carlton is still one among so few of them who are worth to hear. But of course there’s still hope for those other heart-throbs as long as they try to learn playing at least one musical instrument and/or write their own songs.

My Rating: 8/10