*New Release* Brian Eno: ‘Drums Between The Bells’

Release date: July 4, 2011

CD 1
01. Bless This Space
02. Glitch
03. Dreambirds
04. Pour It Out
05. Seedpods
06. The Real
07. The Airman
08. Fierce Aisles Of Light
09. As If Your Eyes Were Partly Closed
10. A Title
11. Sounds Alien
12. Dow
13. Multimedia
14. Cloud 4
15. Silence
16. Breath of Crows

CD 2
01. Seeded
02. Pour
03. Bird Dreaming
04. Itch
05. Fiercer Aisles
06. Real
07. Spaced
08. Dense Air
09. Another Title
10. Nikkei
11. Cloud 5
12. Alienated
13. As If Your Eyes
14. Monomedia
15. Crows

My favorite tune: Real

Hybrid art projects are never easy, one false ingredient will spoil the mix and turns potential masterpiece into mess. I love poetry very much. But reading it on top of Eno’s music somehow doesn’t work, it distracts and annoys while we try to enjoy that grand Eno soundscapes. The Doors did it spectacularly well, here Brian Eno and Rick Holland failed. Thankfully, they spare us from further misery when we turn on CD 2! Phew! CD 2 good, CD 1 a torture. It should not be a double album after all.

My Rating: 4/10


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