Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2: And They Live Happily Ever After, THE END.

US release date: July 15

Ten years after the first film, here we are at last.
It’s somehow cool seeing Hogwarts turns into this brooding fascistic ultra disciplinary catholic-school under Voldemort regime. It looks much more, well, orderly… until old-witch (damn great witch) McGonagall taking over.
The Battle of Hogwarts, just like in the book, is no special feat. Maybe they should take it up a notch. Actionize it. Or seek help from Peter Jackson (by the way, Dumbledore is SO ‘Gandalf’ in this movie!); or John Woo; for the sake of some epic dramatic confrontation. We sure don’t mind if the movie clocks 150 or even 180 minutes, do we?
Verdict: it’s a much too bookish adaptation. Personally I like to see the filmmakers take a bit liberation to uplift the so-so Rowling’s source story, but maybe that’s how Potter fans would prefer it. One thing for sure: Desplat is not enough. They should bring back John Williams to score this final–and hopefully last–chapter of Potter saga.
PS: Snape, we love you very, very much!!!

My Rating: 6/10


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