Sex on the Moon

Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History

Another ‘based on a true story’ chronicle from the writer who shot Mark Zuckerberg into realm of mythic stardom.
Sex on the Moon is about a guy who claims to dream to be among the first humankind on Mars but ended up being a crook that steals NASA’s moon rock samples for money, then still have the gut to lay blame on a girlfriend (while still ‘unhappily’ married at that time) by calling her the main inspiration to commit that outrageous crime.
Sounds familiar?
Yes, you can’t help to notice an interesting similarity with ‘ Zuckerberg’ in The Accidental Billionaires, another guy who supposedly started Facebook because of a (ex) girlfriend but turns out losing friends in pursue of creating the world-famous friend searching social network business.
And because you don’t know how much fictional elements were added to these ‘non-fiction’ books, you can never be quite sure whether this is a recurring favorite theme for Mezrich to write, or his top modus-operandi to spice up facts.
And yes, a movie adaptation is already on its way.


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