Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A Prequel With A Heart At Last

If you’re one of those Planet of the Apes fan who’s still recovering after being bored stupid by the last Tim Burton’s version, don’t worry, this will cure you right away.
How Doc Rodman manages to keep a stolen chimp in his rural San Francisco home over the years without runs into trouble with local authorities is beyond us, but it’s a gratifying experience to watch a prequel that pays utmost respect to its origin, and has all the right reasons to use CGI and mo-cap. Not only for some stupid eye candy, but truly for the core of the story. It significantly enhanced facial and emotional expressions, something actors with monkey suits can’t do well.
Without it, we won’t care much about these primates. And if they fail to strike our fears and then ultimately win our hearts, this film would just be gone as another lame addition into the ever-expanding Hollywood crap prequels and reboots pantheon.
Next point to consider: Andy Serkis clearly deserves his Oscar. Hail Caesar!

My Rating: 7/10


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