Conan the Barbarian: What Can You Expect From a Sword and Sorcery Movie?

The Cimmerians aren’t that barbaric after all, wonder why those other equally uncivilized people keep calling them barbarians.
What can you really expect from a sword and sorcery movie? Non-stop mindless bloodletting? Monsters? Some nudity and sex? Check. Cheesy acting and nonsensical dialogues? Of course. Villains falling into bottomless pits? Hell yeah.
Story. What story?
Basically reboot ‘Co-nin’ is a same deal as the old Arnie’s version was, minus epic Basil Poledouris soundtrack of course, but not so far strayed. There’s no real need to compare. By today’s Hollywood standard, this is a decent, bordering acceptable, movie! If you hated the new Clash of the Titans or Prince of Persia, chances are you won’t love this much either. The original Robert E. Howard’s Conan? Nobody knows him anymore.

My Rating: 5/10


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