Love Crime (2010)

US release date: September 2

You’ll love these women’s mindgame and mutual backstab while they maintain professional straight faces and sweet assuring words. Then things get much more uglier when they switch strategy to frontal attack, blatant threat, and a clever-looking, but somehow feels plain stupid, elaborative premeditated crime. And no, it’s not for love.

My Rating: 5/10

An extra fact speck: One board meeting scene is shot on the very same room used in Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life movie. It’s the 70’s looking room where Gainsbourg and Birkin deliver their  ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’ demo tape to an old record producer.


4 thoughts on “Love Crime (2010)

    • I’m not a real big fan of remakes and reboot, so I think I’ll pass the De Palma version, but I’m sure he can polish the ‘elaborative crime’ part to make it better.

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