Love Exposure (2008)

2010 Yokohama Film Festival – Winners Best New Talent, Best Supporting Actress
2010 Mainichi Film Concours – Winners Best Director, New Talent Award
2010 Kinema Junpo Awards – Winners Best New Actor, Best Supporting Actress
2009 Hochi Film Awards – Winner Best New Talent
2009 Fant-Asia Film Festival – Winners Best Asian Film, Best Female Performance, Most Innovative Film, Special Jury Prize
2009 Berlin International Film Festival – Winners Caligari Film Prize, FIPRESCI Prize

US release date: September 2

Crazy women are the most dangerous species on earth. They’ll mess up your head, destroy your life, ruin your children. So, if one of them is targeting you, run away as fast and as far as you can, especially if you’re a Catholic priest.
But then, what’s exactly drive these women out of their heads? You’ve got to believe, behind every psycho woman there is a self-righteous, over religious, sex crazed lunatic man. Combine these two elements, and the result is an almost four-hours long (yep, 237 minutes to be exact) one of the most brain damaged, panty obsessed, twistedly religious black-comedy-slash-social-parody in the history of world cinema. Viewers beware: it won’t be a complete Sion Sono movie without severed genitals and several bloodbaths!

My Rating: 8/10


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