*New Release* SuperHeavy: ‘SuperHeavy’

Release date: September 20

01. Superheavy
02. Unbelievable
03. Miracle Worker
04. Energy
05. Satyameva Jayathe
06. One Day One Night
07. Never Gonna Change
08. Beautiful People
09. Rock Me Gently
10. I Can’t Take It No More
11. I Don’t Mind
12. World Keeps Turning
13. Mahiya
14. Warring People
15. Common Ground
16. Hey Captain

My favorite tune: Satyameva Jayathe

Number one musical rule of thumb: never expect anything super from a supergroup. Not easy to avoid being a karaoke jam-session band where every ‘superstar’ member need to be given enough ‘breathing space’ to show off their ‘enormous talents’. Luckily for SuperHeavy, there is Damian Marley who tied down his fellow collaborators to strong reggae roots in most songs, which turns out to be so refreshing. After all we really don’t need this to be just another Jagger’s, Stone’s, Stewart’s, or Rahman’s side project.

My Rating: 7/10


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