Björk: ‘Biophilia’

Release date: October 11

01. Moon
02. Thunderbolt
03. Crystalline
04. Cosmogony
05. Dark Matter
06. Hollow
07. Virus
08. Sacrifice
09. Mutual Core
10. Solstice
11. Hollow (Original 7 Minute Version)
12. Dark Matter (With Choir & Organ)
13. Nattura

My favorite song: Sacrifice

A snippet of Ligeti’s Requiem in a song about universe? Homage, or just predictable?
This is the third so-so output in a row after Medulla (2004) and Volta (2007). Maybe Our First Lady of avant-garde electronica has already becoming too safe and too tame for her own sake. Maybe it’s true: she has lost her avant-gardeness. Should be good songs first, wigs and hairpieces concept later. Not the other way around.

My Rating: 6/10


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