The Marriage Plot

The Marriage Plot: A Novel

“So why are you taking Zipperstein’s class?” she asked.
“Philosophical interest,” Leonard said. “Literally. Philosophy’s all about theory of language right now. It’s all linguistics. So I figured I’d check it out.”
“Aren’t you a biology major, too?”
“That’s what I really am,” Leonard said. “The philosophy’s just a side line.”
Madeleine realized that she’d never dated a science major. “Do you want to be a doctor?”
“Right now all I want to do is get the waitress’s attention.”
Leonard waves his arm a few times to no avail. Suddenly he said, “Is it hot in here?” Without waiting for an answer, he reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a blue bandanna, which he proceeded to put over his head, tying it in back and making a number of small, precise adjustments until he was satisfied.

Flirting, romancing, romanticizing, and sex, around Derrida, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Paris, 18-19th century literary giants, Mother Teresa, Christian mysticism, backpacking, lithium, yeast experiments, and writing thesis on an old Royal typewriter.
Eugenides essentially do what he always does best: telling from multiple point of views about a single story and let his readers fall in love (or down to hate) with its characters through other character’s perspective. Reading people are much like reading books, and you might need to read a lot of books to understand just one person. “Let’s not try to understand each other by autobiography,” said a character in this story.


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