Angels & Airwaves: ‘Love Album Parts One & Two’

Release date: November 8

Part One
01. Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce
02. The Flight of Apollo
03. Young London
04. Shove
05. Epic Holiday
06. Hallucinations
07. The Moon-Atomic (…Fragments and Fictions)
08. Clever Love
09. Soul Survivor (…2012)
10. Letters to God, Part II
11. Some Origins of Fire

My favorite tune: Epic Holiday

My Rating: 6/10

Part Two
01. Saturday Love
02. Surrender
03. Anxiety
04. Crawl
05. Moon as My Witness
06. Dry Your Eyes
07. The Revelator
08. One Last Thing
09. Inertia
10. Behold a Pale Horse
11. We Are All That We Are

My favorite tune: We Are All That We Are

My Rating: 7/10

At last AVA can put their jangling guitar plus searing synth into their best use: scoring a space movie soundtrack.
It’s hard to love and hate parts of this double treat, because all songs do sound very similar. Part One opened with a Chariots of Fire-like composition, and Part Two with Tron: Legacy-resembling intro, it is feel-grand and ear-friendly but rather thin in variety; and then of course, still unavoidably too Blink-ish. So this is ultimately all or nothing for us listeners: either we like them all or dislike it from start to end.


One thought on “Angels & Airwaves: ‘Love Album Parts One & Two’

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