We Need To Talk About Kevin

2011 British Independent Film Awards – Winner Best Director.
2011 European Film Awards – Winner Best Actress.
2011 London Film Festival – Winner Best Film.
2011 National Board of Review – Winners Best Actress, Top 10 Independent Films.

US release date: December 9

Bad Mercedes-driving mother, with John C. Reilly as the oblivious biological father, producing a bad pooping-in-pants child? Rotten fruit from a rotten tree? It’s almost like an arthouse version of The Good Son, and should be alternately titled ‘The most reddish and yellowish movie ever made.’

My Rating: 4/10


2 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Kevin

    • I understand this movie doesn’t want to provide answers and reasons, it only want to dwelve with the parent’s guilt. But it is quite hard to symphatize with her because Kevin is portrayed as a born evil. We might as well just want to lay the blame on Kevin.
      The film want to make us think about its very important subject: that we can’t blame psychopath children, we can’t blame their parents. But ironically, in my opinion, it is unable to deliver the one last most crucial message: that psychopathy is treatable.
      Bad moms make bad kids, but bad moms don’t make crazy kids. And crazy kids aren’t always crazy, they can be cured.

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