The Snowtown Murders

2011 Australasian Performing Rights Association – Winner Feature Film Score of the Year.
2011 Cannes Film Festival – Winner FIPRESCI Prize Special Mention.
2011 Chicago International Film Festival – Winner After Dark Competition.
2011 IF Awards – Winner Best Editing.

US release date: March 2

A mother can’t protect her sons from the awful violent world forever. So should she just let her boyfriend teach them how to survive this cruel life?

My Rating: 7/10


The Cranberries: ‘Roses’

Release date: February 28

01. Conduct
02. Tomorrow
03. Fire & Soul
04. Raining In My Heart
05. Losing My Mind
06. Schizophrenic Playboys
07. Waiting In Walthamstow
08. Show Me
09. Astral Projections
10. So Good
11. Roses

My favorite tune: Conduct

Riding the latest old bands reunion/revival wave, here they come again Dolores and friends. While branding this as a return-to-form might be too premature, or even irrelevant (Fergal still can’t regain his top performance, last heard in 1996’s To the Faithful Departed, some fifteen years ago), at least this new album–with brand new, non recycled, materials–can cure your eardrums’ nostalgic impulses toward this lot, once considered as one of the best Irish musical act ever existed.

My Rating: 6/10

Micro – Michael Crichton & Richard Preston

Micro: A Novel

Those poor Hawaii PD dudes just can’t comprehend. But we, the avid Crichton readers who know this techno thriller environment like the back of our hands, surely can outpace them by so many, maybe too many, chapters.
It’s like borrowing Jurassic Park’s premises and moving it into a molecular-technology world. Hawaii as Isla Nublar, Nanigen as Ingen, and so on. The writing style feels unfamiliar at times. And the techno-babbles; lots and lots of science-preachings at improbable situations. MC would’ve known when to restrain himself. So we can assume many of these are not Crichton’s. If that’s the case, it is just understandable. MC didn’t even have the chance to finish the book’s foreword.

2012 Oscar Best Documentary Feature Nominees: ‘Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory’

2011 National Board of Review, USA – Winner Best Documentary.

Crime investigation is never as simple as what you’ve always seen on TV and movies. Easy scapegoats might be needed when the real criminals are nowhere to find. You’re innocent? Yes. You still can go to jail and receive a death penalty.

My Rating: 7/10

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‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’: Ghosty and The Devil Go Shakycam

True, in theory, nobody in the world, or in hell, needs a Ghost Rider sequel. But in reality, no one is literally craving for that endless stream of Transformers movies either, right? So if Michael Bay can make crappy films and tons of money, then so can Arad Brothers.
So here goes Ghosty, rides again in shakycam, and of course: BIG explosions; and maybe as a direct unmitigated result, he is now slow, ineffective, not scary, and somehow much less powerful. He spits and pisses fire, but he can’t even dispose one petty criminal properly.
But our skully friend isn’t the only one with troubles. So is The Devil himself. The Horny One now needs to use cellphone to contact his henchmen and even has to rent some bunch of useless Eastern European mercenaries to protect himself! Ouch…
So in reality, true, maybe we don’t really need a Ghost Rider sequel. But we surely won’t mind one with Eva Mendes on it.

My Rating: 3/10

2012 Oscar Best Documentary Feature Nominees: ‘Hell and Back Again’

2011 Sundance Film Festival – Winner World Cinema Documentary.
2011 Moscow International Film Festival – Winner Best Film of the Documentary Competition.

Afghanistan campaign is a mess and the troops paid the highest price with their bodies and souls, and then taking it all back home. Afghan is the new Nam, it’s so true… and then the filmmaker dramatizes it a bit too much.

My Rating: 6/10

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The Secret World of Arrietty

2011 Award of the Japanese Academy – Winner Best Animation Film.

US release date: February 17

If you ever wonder what ‘Borrowers’ means, your question really should be: who Borrowers are? And they don’t exactly ‘borrow’, it’s actually more like ‘take’, or ‘steal’ to be blunt. It’s a big huge world out there. Lucky for them, it’s a no ants world in the story.

My Rating: 10/10