‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’: Ghosty and The Devil Go Shakycam

True, in theory, nobody in the world, or in hell, needs a Ghost Rider sequel. But in reality, no one is literally craving for that endless stream of Transformers movies either, right? So if Michael Bay can make crappy films and tons of money, then so can Arad Brothers.
So here goes Ghosty, rides again in shakycam, and of course: BIG explosions; and maybe as a direct unmitigated result, he is now slow, ineffective, not scary, and somehow much less powerful. He spits and pisses fire, but he can’t even dispose one petty criminal properly.
But our skully friend isn’t the only one with troubles. So is The Devil himself. The Horny One now needs to use cellphone to contact his henchmen and even has to rent some bunch of useless Eastern European mercenaries to protect himself! Ouch…
So in reality, true, maybe we don’t really need a Ghost Rider sequel. But we surely won’t mind one with Eva Mendes on it.

My Rating: 3/10


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