Micro – Michael Crichton & Richard Preston

Micro: A Novel

Those poor Hawaii PD dudes just can’t comprehend. But we, the avid Crichton readers who know this techno thriller environment like the back of our hands, surely can outpace them by so many, maybe too many, chapters.
It’s like borrowing Jurassic Park’s premises and moving it into a molecular-technology world. Hawaii as Isla Nublar, Nanigen as Ingen, and so on. The writing style feels unfamiliar at times. And the techno-babbles; lots and lots of science-preachings at improbable situations. MC would’ve known when to restrain himself. So we can assume many of these are not Crichton’s. If that’s the case, it is just understandable. MC didn’t even have the chance to finish the book’s foreword.


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