The Raid: Redemption

2012 Dublin International Film Festival – Winners Audience Award, Dublin Film Critics Award Best Film.
2011 Toronto International Film Festival – Winner People’s Choice Award Midnight Madness.

US release date: March 23

Let’s throw our brains aside for a while and just try to gobble and enjoy the, well, not so nonstop violent actions… and… it still doesn’t work.
Why? Because we still have our visual and audial logic.
If we see an apple falls from its tree, we automatically expect it would go down, without even thinking. If it suddenly floats up, we reflexively know something has to be very wrong.
If we hear something barks, we will assume it to be a dog. Not a cat.
If somebody shooting at you from behind a door, then you open the door, you will assume to see at least one gunman, not people wielding big knives. If three machete-wielding vicious thugs charging at you simultaneously, you won’t have time to deal with them one on one. They won’t take turn to slash you into pieces.
Why two unrelated characters at two separate rooms suddenly speak similar dialogues, using verbatim same term?
Something has to be very wrong. And we still don’t have to do any thinking.
So, yes we can make a film full of brainless characters, and there sure is no rule against requiring your audiences to shut off their brains to enjoy it. But every movie at least still does require its director’s brain. This movie requires your brain, Mr. Evans.

My Rating: 4/10


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