The Smashing Pumpkins: ‘Oceania’

Release date: June 19

01. Quasar
02. Panopticon
03. The Celestials
04. Violet Rays
05. My Love is Winter
06. One Diamond, One Heart
07. Pinwheels
08. Oceania
09. Pale Horse
10. The Chimera
11. Glissandra
12. Inkless
13. Wildflower

My favorite tune: Pinwheels

Corgan is back in the game and evidently tries to reverse his musical evolution. Returning to ear friendly Zwanish pre Machina sounds, with Byrne plays Chamberlin-like drumlines, maybe this album will find wider market than some of his  previous ‘avant-garde’ efforts. As for originality, well, don’t even bother to ask. Just enjoy, pretend that now is the 90’s and Pumpkins’ original members are still in the band.

My Rating: 7/10


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