‘The Dark Knight Rises’: An Over-Occupied Script, Nolan’s Bane

US release date: July 20

I’m one of the few people in this planet who didn’t enjoy The Dark Knight that much (is this makes me a one-percenter?). It was okay, but if I wanted to see semi-boring car chases and some cannon-fodder retarded SWATs fighting masked bandits, I wouldn’t try watching a Batman movie, or in that case, a Chris Nolan movie. It was a let down from the very promising start in Batman Begins.
So how should Nolan end his trilogy, safely, without tripping on his own shoe laces?
Obviously, it’s a very hard job.
Even harder with so many storylines he’s trying to tell. On one hand the Occupy-heavy metaphor, on another the street battles-stupid cops-clever bad guys formula that have won so many viewers.
With an overburdened script, 2 hour and 45 minute runtime is guaranteed won’t be enough. Eventually, Nolan Brothers have to speed up. And when that happens… things start turning up without much explanations, people start kissing each other without many reasons, injuries–very bad injuries–start healing in 84 days, plot twists become too predictable, the whole Gotham P.D. literally parading like Fourth of July into traps, and all characters become nothing more than story devices.
It’s an unnecessary flaw, because if only the Nolans had found just a little courage to stop trying so hard to satisfy everyone, and focusing on a few good, very good few, parts of their screenplay, it would be an incredible movie indeed.
But no need to worry. They do deliver what everybody wants: A good end. Right?
So there you have it. It might not be a movie-of -the-year. It might not be very entertaining, especially if you are not too much into the Batman-lore. But you really don’t want to miss the film’s epilogue. It is awesome. Especially if you are a big Batman fan.
Ready for another reboot? Let’s hope the next rebooting team have better sense of design. The Tumbler is ugly enough, but that Bat-flying-thingy? Ugh.

My Rating: 6/10


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