Terraferma (2011)

2012 Bastia Italian Film Festival – Winner Special Jury Prize.
2012 Golden Globes Italy – Winner Best Supporting Actor.
2012 Istanbul International Film Festival – Winner Human Rights in Cinema.
2012 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists – Winners Special Mention, Best Score.
2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival – Winner Bridging the Borders Award.
2011 Venice Film Festival – Winners Pasinetti Award Best Film, Special Jury Prize, UNICEF Award.
2011 Capri Awards – Winners Exploit Award, Movie of the Year Award, Peace Award.

Three years after his father’s death, young Filippo, his impossibly-hot mother, and grandfather, must face tough life choices: stay as poor fishermen in their litter riddled tiny Sicilian island, cater to summer townsfolk tourists, or try finding a better life somewhere else. And just as they try to make up their minds, another big unexpected thing turn up in the form of illegal, surprisingly Italiano-speaking, Ethiopian refugees.
But this film doesn’t delve much into their not so simple dilemmas. Everything just went by as afterthoughts. And before you know it, without debates or even a simple discussion, everything are somehow already decided.

My Rating: 5/10


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