Himizu (2011)

2012 Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film – Winner 7th Orbit Prize
2012 Deauville Asian Film Festival – Winner Lotus Critic’s Prize
2011 Venice Film Festival – Winners Marcello Mastroianni Award

In a post-tsunami Japan, the standoffish boy with no dream Sumida somehow inspires his classmate the shameless nonstop talker, poem-freak, Keiko. And when Sumida’s mom abandoned him, Keiko promptly decides to intervene.
Why on earth does she do that? What exactly do Keiko and Sumida have in common?
Ready or not, Sion Sono will once again unleash his trademark very harsh but very true social criticism in this nightmarish (but surprisingly positive and poetic) slap, stab, scream, mud–and paint–bath, fest. “Somebody tell me who am I!?” Wow.

My Rating: 8/10

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