Faust (2011)

2011 Venice Film Festival – Winners Golden Lion, SIGNIS Award, Future Film Festival Digital Award.
2011 Gijon International Film Festival – Winner Best Art Direction.

Horny old Faust sold his soul to land his dirty hands on a girl.
Sokurov’s adaptation might be good on script, distorted dreamlike imageries, freaky homunculus and all. But once realized on the screen, Mephisto, alias The Moneylender in this version, loses his mojo and degraded into the most boring main character in the history of modern arthouse cinema.
Perhaps it’s the bumbling, annoying, whiny theatrical mannerism, the bouncy unconvincing bodysuit, or maybe the lack of charisma, of some twisted comical charms intended, from the actor Anton Adasinskiy?

My Rating: 4/10


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