Painted Skin: The Resurrection

US release date: August 17

It’s a reboot, not a sequel. But who’s counting?
Another classic Chinese romantic fantasy tale where all the pretty girls are either a scarfaced princess, a wolfskin-cloaked tribal queen, or heart-eater shapeshifting demons in disguise. A movie with great potentials marred by endless slowmos, tiresome artsy fartsy costumes, bad guys from Indiana Jones 2, visuals cloned from Zhang Yimou movies and Lord of the Rings, Zack Snyderish speed rampings, and bad CGI.
Is this the fate of wuxia in 21st century? At least with the cheesy Aaron Kwok-era 90’s movies we don’t have to endure CG bears and CG birds!

My Rating: 6/10


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