Why Stop Now

US release date: August 17

No kids in the world should drag their parents to drug rehab centers, but that’s what Eli trying to do one morning just before his important piano audition. And in order to do that, he have to help his mother acquire some drug. And in order to do that he have to help the drug dealer buys the drugs. Things that only happen in movies.
There’s no need to complain that this movie isn’t funny. Judging by the end result, it must be concluded that either the filmmakers didn’t really try hard to be funny, or, they’ve tried but somehow fail miserably. A lot of piano playing with injured palm, a lot of Jesse Eisenberg as babble machine who only stops talking when playing piano–with the injured palm, a lot Spanish talking, a lot civil war cosplaying, but no. No funny.

My Rating: 4/10


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