The Darkness: ‘Hot Cakes’

Release date: August 21

01. Every Inch of You
02. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us
03. With a Woman
04. Keep Me Hanging On
05. Livin’ Each Day Blind
06. Everybody Have a Good Time
07. She’s Just a Girl, Eddie
08. Forbidden Love
09. Concrete
10. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
11. Love is Not The Answer

My favorite tune: Livin’ Each Day Blind

Justin Hawkins’ Englishman’s very high voice is notably weaker and formulaic new songs in head-nodding, foot-thumping, limb-jerking, standard recycled rock and roll beats, but what else can you expect from (it’s only their third album but The Darkness is already) a reunion band?
Don’t worry, their trademark nostalgiac crunchy riffs, two guitars melodies, plus sing along silly lyrics are still there after seven long years: “Nothing’s can stop us now” except your own occasionally overblown rockstar egos, guys; “Suck my c*ck”–no thank you Justin; “Love is not that different from hate” of course; and “She’s just a girl, Eddie”… Who’s Eddie? But that Iron Maiden-ish Radiohead cover…is…awesome!

My Rating: 7/10


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