California Wives: ‘Art History’

Release date: September 4

01. Blood Red Youth
02. Tokyo
03. Marianne
04. The Fisher King
05. Los Angeles
06. Photolights
07. Purple
08. Better Home
09. Twenty Three
10. The New Process
11. Light Year

My favorite tune: Purple

Casual, catchy, cool. Yes, new bands can be original without inventing their own original sound. Yes, modern bands can make good songs while being not too loud and very, very, repetitive. And they don’t have to come from England–not exactly from California either, they’re from Chicago; and certainly not anybody’s wives. DNA carriers of Goo Goo Dolls and The Calling with a nice thick surf pop influence that makes them like a hazy synth-induced 21st century’s version of the Beach Boys. Or, like a much smoother version of their fellow Chicagonians (and currently, yikes, Californians)OK Go. Oh yes. This isn’t anything original, but it is an art indeed.

My Rating: 8/10


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