Deerhoof: ‘Breakup Song’

Release date: September 4

01. Breakup Songs
02. There’s That Grin
03. Bad Kids to the Front
04. Zero Seconds Pause
05. Mothball the Fleet
06. Flower
07. To Fly or Not to Fly
08. The Trouble with Candyhands
09. We Do Parties
10. Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III
11. Fete d Adieu

My favorite tune: Zero Seconds Pause

The super experimentalist Deerhoof will bombards you, again, with crazy sounds, strange noises, and funky broken beats on top of Satomi Matsuzaki’s childish voice in thick Japanese accented loopy nonsensical lyrics.
Do not worry, you still won’t have a single clue where their new songs will take you. For example, it can starts as cool rumba, then at chorus changing itself to retro pop. And there’s that Beastie Boys-like hip hop beat, but there’s also crunchy alt industrial rock guitars and big electro house synths!

My Rating: 7/10


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