The Eye of the Storm (2011)

2012 Australian Film Institute Awards – Winners, Best Lead Actress, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design.
2012 Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards – Winners, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay.
2011 Melbourne International Film Festival – Winner Special Award.
2011 Rome Film Fest – Winner Special Jury Award.

US release date: September 7

Families aren’t always about love and laughters. Real families are also about hate, heartaches, and tears. And families not created equal. Some are actually much more unhappier than others.
An ultra rich widow on her dying bed in Sydney, surrounded by her personal staffs, an ex-cabaret dancer German maid, a young nun, and one particular mischievously inventive nurse. Now her two children, an aged, washed-out, England stage actor son and a divorced, but still retaining her French-royalty title, daughter, come aboard for the big final goodbye. Not exactly very difficult, but a very painful farewell it is.

My Rating: 7/10


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