Wuthering Heights (2011)

2012 Evening Standard British Film Awards – Winner Best Technical Achievement.
2011 Venice Film Festival – Winner Golden Osella Outstanding Technical Contribution.
2011 Valladolid International Film Festival – Winner Best Director of Photography, Honorable Mention.
2011 Camerimage – Winner Bronze Frog.

US release date: October 5

Shaky, blurry, handheld cam galore in a quiet minimal-dialogue ‘introvert’ style, but it’s not the style that doesn’t go too well; or its slightly unconvincing period set and costume design.
It must be the domestic violence theme that landed this adaptation work to Andrea Arnold. Also worth noting, Solomon Glave’s or James Howson’s (as young and older Heathcliff) acting abilities are certainly not any worse than Fish Tank‘s Katie Jarvis. But Arnold’s main strength as screenwriter and director, as become evident here, is not so much in portraying abuses and its heart wrenching consequences. It turns out to be, in capturing the pains from, and through, the perspective of her jaded, tortured, main female character. And quite unfortunately, yes, in Wuthering Heights, the main tortured protagonist happens to be none other than Heathcliff himself.
If only the filmmaker took one bolder step further in reimagining the story, and switch Catherine as the main character. Of course Arnold would have to fend-off some Bronte fans, not to mention her film backers, but we could end up with a much better movie.

My Rating: 5/10


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