Butter (2011)

US release date: October 5

Who would’ve known that the art of butter carving is actually THAT important in Johnson County, Iowa, where the competition is nowhere near fierce. The local champion won fifteen consecutive years. And this year’s contest, without the champ, only has four competitors; one of them is a professional stripper.
It has Jen Garner, Olivia Wilde as the bike-riding stripper, Alicia Silverstone as a foster mom with many weird, Clueless-y, facial expressions, Hugh Jackman as a car salesman with low reading skill. And a ten-year old girl delivering THAT kind of speech? What more could we ask for?
Well, we sure hope it could be… funny, as clearly intended by the filmmakers. Even just a bit. And hey, the ‘kittens in a basket’ carving is not even that bad. It’s actually kind of artsy!

My Rating: 4/10


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