Suzanne Vega: ‘Close-Up 4: Songs Of Family’

Release date: October 9

01. Rosemary
02. Honeymoon Suite
03. World Before Columbus
04. As You Are Now
05. Soap And Water
06. Widow’s Walk
07. Blood Sings
08. Bad Wisdom
09. Ludlow Street
10. Tired Of Sleeping
11. Pilgrimage
12. Brother Mine
13. The Silver Lady
14. Daddy Is White

My favorite tune: Blood Sings

So this is what it takes to make your music everlasting. As casual listeners or musicians, we can learn something from Ms. Vega. It’s your music that truly matters. Not the looks, not this decade’s music trend, chart peaks, or record sales. It’s the bare accoustic guitar and non-rambling, beautiful, touching, and honest lyrics that will always win your ears and tuck your heartstrings, over and over again, years after years. You’ll never get bored of Suzanne Vega. She’s timeless.

My Rating: 9/10


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