2013 Oscar Foreign Language Films: ‘A Trip’

2012 Cleveland International Film Festival – Winner Special Jury Award Central and Eastern European Film Competition.
2012 Nashville Film Festival – Winners, Best Actor in a New Director Feature, Best Actress in a New Director Feature, Best Feature, Special Jury Prize.
2011 Slovene Film Festival – Winners, Slovene Film Critics Association Award, Stop Magazine Award, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Screenplay.

Cars? Check. Unstable, confused, annoying, babbling, and vandalizing, characters? Check. Pop and ambient electro music soundtrack? Check. Free flowing beers and cigarettes? Check. Visual symbolism? Check. And they swore “Fuck” and “Shit” in English too. Yep, it’s a road movie. But is it a good one?
Well, other than seeing Gregor flew a kite, find out Gregor is a soldier, Andrej was bullied in high school, ogle the Balkan beauty Ziva (and that she can burp better than men), hear them whine about Slovenia’s ‘shitty’ economic prospect–and finally learning about those, obviously very important for them but maybe not that very interesting for us, personal secrets–there’s just nothing much else we can do. Ultimately, it’s still their trip. Not ours.

My Rating: 5/10

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