Europe on Screen 2012: ‘This Must Be the Place’

This is not Robert Smith. This is not Ozzy Osbourne. Or Michael Jackson. And this isn’t a movie about any of them. But in real life, we can bet that even the real Smith, Osbourne or Jacko themselves couldn’t be and never were this dramatic.

My Rating: 6/10


Europe on Screen 2012: ‘Punk’s Not Dead’

2011 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – Winner East of West Award.

Those leather-jacketed old punk rockers, even the really old ones, like white haired old, even in some slummy war-torn Balkan towns, are always have difficulties making and spending money, but not much problems in finding weeds, drugs, booze, or chicks, and they sure still haven’t forgot their talents to find troubles. All the things you’re expecting from old punks with just one huge difference: they have a pet frog.

My Rating: 3/10

(WARNING: Explicit Trailer NSFW!)

Europe on Screen 2012: ’72 Days’

Should Branko keep on wasting his long-gone youth in a fucked up farm around his half crazy, but twistedly creative when concerning a dead grandfather’s pension money, uncle and loser drunkards war-torn family? Burns spare time playing in his no talent three-piece punk garage band? Or should he just go, or to be more exact: run away, to Zagreb with his girlfriend?

My Rating: 6/10

Europe on Screen 2012: ‘The Kid with a Bike’

2011 Cannes Film Festival – Winner Grand Prize of the Jury Best Film
2011 Flaiano Film Festival – Winner Best Director

Some bad things are just can’t be undone.
Of course all kids would be angry if they trust their parents whole-heartedly but the parents keep on lying, betraying, and abandoning them. Of course we should thank those kind-hearted women and good grandparents. But who should we thank to for those street criminals?

My Rating: 8/10

Europe on Screen 2012: ‘Declaration of War’

2012 Etoiles d’Or – Winner Best Screenplay.
2012 Hong Kong International Film Festival – Winner SIGNIS Award Special Mention.
2011 Paris Cinema – Winners Audience Award, Blogger Award, Jury Award Best Feature Film.
2011 Gijon International Film Festival _ Winners Best Actor, Best Actress, Grand Prix Asturias Best Film.

Life was so much simpler when it was just you and your lover, wasn’t it? No more carefree days. A child means more problems, and more tears.
This also happens to Romeo and Juliette. They like to smoke, party, dance, and paint walls. They even sing a duet. And just like in Shakespeare, they and their families are tend to overreact, a lot. But no, this isn’t Shakespeare. It’s just a French drama that will be much better without those unnecessary sporadic story narrations.

My Rating: 4/10