US release date: November 9

The biggest problem with James Bond movies is: we have already seen EVERYTHING. Whatever happens on-screen, we know he won’t die. We have to admit, it’s a 50-year old exhausted franchise with very predictable plot. It could be very boring (I fell asleep on Goldeneye‘s final showdown. Yes, really). Make him blonde, remove the gadgets and reduce the girls, we’re still stuck with that same Bond and his loony villains routine. It only becomes tiresome all over again (I fell asleep on Quantum of Solace‘s final showdown. How’s that for personal record?).
So here we go again, for the staggering 23rd round replay!
Standard cars and bikes chase. Shootout. Fistfights. Yawn. Unimaginative Adele’s theme song. Poorly designed CG title sequence. Yawn. Shanghai. Macau. Generic Bond girls. Yawn. We’ve seen ex MI6 agents went nuts before. We’ve seen M as the damsel in distress before. Crash, boom, bang. YAWN. A new Q? So this is another reboot? So what? And those unfunny jokes. Oh no. The movie starts to sky-fall apart.
But wait.
This is where ‘Skyfall’ comes into play. ‘Skyfall’ suddenly changes the whole game. Yes, it’s another reboot. But this is something different. And in the end, a tiny spoiler: Bond doesn’t win.

My Rating: 8/10


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