Aerosmith: ‘Music From Another Dimension!’

Release date: November 6

02. Oh Yeah
03. Beautiful
04. Tell Me
05. Out Go The Lights
06. Legendary Child
07. What Could Have Been Love
08. Street Jesus
09. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (feat. Carrie Underwood)
10. Lover Alot
11. We All Fall Down
12. Freedom Fighter
13. Closer
14. Something
15. Another Last Goodbye

My favorite tune: What Could Have Been Love

At first glance, this looks solid. Fifteen all brand new songs. Wow. And the narration in the beginning of this album that suppose to be hypnotizing and promising us great adventure, awe and mystery. Another dimension! Woah.
But then it takes four shaky songs to warm things up, oiling rusty joints, before suddenly shifts into a formulaic successions of alternating uptempo-predictable rock ballads-uptempo pattern, starting with ‘Out Go The Lights’ and finally ends with the piano ballad with that slightly overdone Steven Tyler’s voicework ‘Another Last Goodbye’. What dimension is this album supposed to be coming from anyway?

My Rating: 5/10


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