Teen Daze: ‘Inner Mansions’

Release date: November 6

01. New Life
02. Divided Loyalties
03. Garden 1
04. Discipleship
05. By Love
06. Union
07. Garden 2
08. Spirit
09. The Heart of God
10. Always Returning (Brian Eno Cover)

My favorite tune: Discipleship

Too much ambient aura, not enough of Teen Daze‘s own trademark chillwave and unique surf pop blend. Ear pleasing as usual, but just too much Brian Eno worshiping, and vocalwise, it’s also in danger of brushing uncomfortably close with Active Child‘s sound. Exploring broader range of musicality? Maybe. But Jamison should also think about maintaining his own niche. Fortify his own identity. Think about those people who never listened to his music before this album.

My Rating: 6/10


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