Green Day: ‘¡Dos!’

Release date: November 13

01. See You Tonight
02. Fuck Time
03. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
04. Lazy Bones
05. Wild One
06. Makeout Party
07. Stray Heart
08. Ashley
09. Baby Eyes
10. Lady Cobra
11. Nightlife
12. Wow! That’s Loud
13. Amy

My favorite tune: Baby Eyes

Now this is better than the first part. A lot better. More playful–while not necessarily cheerful–lightweight songs with thick rock and roll nostalgia, where we can instantly hear much more creativity in beat and tempo choices, back to bubble-gum punk on track like ‘Baby Eyes’; then suddenly they give us something completely different in ‘Nightlife’. And yes, the aptly titled ‘Wow! That’s Loud’ is not a loud song. Good. Now let’s cross our fingers and wait for the third installment.

My Rating: 7/10


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