Rust and Bone

2012 Cabourg Romantic Film Festival – Winner Golden Swann.
2012 Hollywood Film Festival – Winner Actress of the Year.
2012 Valladolid International Film Festival – Winners, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay.

US release date: November 23

All right, training killer whales is more dangerous than being some common bouncer or security guard. But why should Stéphanie calls Ali, the guy she met only once before in an obscure nightclub brawl? Because she doesn’t have any other interesting male friends? Because she doesn’t have anything else, other than those orcas? While Ali, being a big manly boxer and kickboxer, could have any girls he fancies, and basically can also do anything he wants, including some stupid street prize fights, while abusing and neglecting his own son?
And still she has to ask, “What am I to you?”

My Rating: 4/10


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