Tabu2012 Berlin International Film Festival – Winners Alfred Bauer Award, FIPRESCI Prize.
2012 Las Palmas Film Festival – Winners Audience Award, Silver Lady Harimaguada.

US release date: December 26

All sad and melancholic, including the crocodiles. Dreaming of hairy monkeys, reading Robinson Crusoe, prayers, Africa, colonization, more crocodiles. Staring at the camera, waving at the camera, few wooden acting and also some wooden English.

My Rating: 6/10


2013 Oscar Foreign Language Films: ‘Sang Penari (The Dancer)’

sangpenari2011 Festival Film Indonesia – Winners Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress.

This was supposed to happen in 1950’s-1970’s Indonesia, in a tiny dirt poor village called Dukuh Paruk, but the costume and art department are apparently not quite successful to create that ambient. Mostly they all look like, well, actors in movie sets. Only the use of local dialect, although at the same time adding some unnecessary comedic taste, is fairly authentic.
Few plot changes do make the story much simplified, sanitized, politically correct, and in an extent less dramatic, as with this kind of script setup the star-crossed lovers Srintil and Rasus are never really shown to be separated from each other far enough, and long enough, prior to 1965. But otherwise, it’s a decent adaptation.

My Rating: 6/10

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On the Road

On The RoadUS release date: December 21

Take me down to Sal Paradise story, where the cactus is green and the girls are easy; and there will be a lot of butt naked Dean Moriarty.
It’s a road movie, so audiences certainly will have to tolerate the abundance of walking, driving, and hitchhiking scenes. But if Water Salles really want to adapt and translate a novel to a film, he should be able to trim more typing and writing scenes. We know Sal is a writer, so we don’t need to see it over and over again. Scrap the redundant narration overdub while the character is shown typing or writing the words, and vice versa. It is surely unnecessary to show characters reading their own words.

My Rating: 5/10


barbara2012 Berlin International Film Festival – Winner Silver Berlin Bear Best Director, Reader Jury of the “Berliner Morgenpost”.
2012 Capri, Hollywood – Winner Capri European Actress Award.
2012 German Film Awards – Winner Outstanding Feature Film.
2012 New Faces Awards, Germany – Winner New Actress.
2012 Nuremberg Film Festival – Winner Best Film.

US release date: December 21

What exactly is freedom?
A loner, chainsmoker, female physician from Berlin, an instant small sensation in the small countyside Eastern Germany town hospital. What is she hiding behind that cold facade? A smittened male doctor tries to tear her wall down; and boy, he even analyze Rembrandt painting for that. What exactly will he discover? What will we discover?

My Rating: 8/10


2012 Cannes Film Festival – Winner Palm d’Or.

US release date: December 19

Two words for you: geriatric nightmare. Sure you and your spouse want to live long and grow old together? Be careful what you wish for. Two more words for you: geriatric reality. Old age is not a pretty sight. Infact, it might be ugly. Very ugly. Yes, it happens to parents and grandparents. Yes, of course you can just ignore it. Ignore them. But remember: it might also happen to you and your spouse someday. Love or no love.

My Rating: 10/10

Angels & Airwaves: ‘Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal (Double EP)’

avaRelease date: December 18

The Score Evolved EP:
1. Reel 1 (Diary)
2. Reel 5 (New Blood)
3. Reel 6

Love Two: Re-imagined EP:
1. Surrender Remix
2. Epic Holiday Remix
3. Young London Remix
4. Anxiety Remix
5. Saturday Love Remix

My favorite tune: Reel1 (Diary)

For AVA hardcore fans, it’s a must, of course. For casual listeners, it’s just an electronica remix of five songs from the Love Album, plus some, three to be exact, new electronica-flavored songs. What phantom brake pedal? We might never going to find out.

My Rating: 6/10

‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’: A Modified Storyline? That’s Not the Problem!

the hobbitSo Azog is an orc king now? And meet Radagast the Brown, the screen time waster. Thank you so much Mr. Peter Jackson, for turning one of the funniest fantasy story ever created into a–failed gag ridden–nearly non-stop action movie.
It’s perfectly fine to make a ‘reimagined’ The Hobbit. No problemo. You can add and change whatever you want. Alámenë. We’re not some freaky Tolkien purists. But you don’t have to underestimate your audiences that much. We surely can manage to stay awake throughout the entire 169 minute movie without endless orcs and goblins (not particularly exciting) slaying orgy.

My Rating: 6/10