Festival Sinema Prancis 2012: ‘Intouchables’

2012 César Awards, France – Winner Best Actor.
2012 David di Donatello Awards – Winner Best European Film.
2012 Sarajevo Film Festival – Winner Audience Award Best Feature Film.
2012 Wisconsin Film Festival – Winner Audience Award Best Narrative Feature.
2012 Étoile d’Or – Winner Best Male Newcomer.
2011 Tokyo International Film Festival – Winners, Best Actor, Tokyo Grand Prix.

Why choose Driss over other, seemingly more qualified, not to mention obviously more serious, applicants? To make a funny, and touching, interracial buddy movie? Because it’s not even that funny.
Oh. So the guy doesn’t need one more people treating him as invalid? Well. That makes sense. Touch the Maserati, and the private jet. This must be one of those very, very, loosely adapted inspired by a true story buddy movie.

My Rating: 5/10


3 thoughts on “Festival Sinema Prancis 2012: ‘Intouchables’

  1. Wow, those are some harsh words. It is a funny movie with a lot of heart which has been getting good reviews. Of course not everyone will agree 🙂

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