Thirteen Toppest Theatricals 2012

13. Upside Down

Would you ever get tired of looking up in an upside-down universe like that?

12. Hope Springs

When there is hope there is always a chance.

11. Footnote

Shkolnik versus Shkolnik. Or to be more precise: the Shkolniks versus their own selves.

10. Barbara

What exactly is freedom?

9. Holy Motors

Monsieur Merde is back with many other characters. Oh yeah.

8. Cosmopolis

That is one very bizzare stretch limo. But only as bizzare as the passengers and the world around it.

7. Bunohan

Yes. Bunohan means ‘murder.’

6. Himizu

“Somebody tell me who am I!?” Wow.

5. In Another Country

And they drink a lot of Soju.

4. The Invisible War

You want to join the military? Think, think, and think again. And again.

3. Margaret

Lisa is a complicated girl.

2. Amour

Sure you and your spouse want to live long and grow old together?

1. The Secret World of Arrietty

Lucky for them, the ants are not dangerous in this story.

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