mentalUS release date: March 29

Musical-film lover, a Sound of Music superfan to be precise, can be very embarassing, and depressing, especially if she is your abnormal Mom. And on the other hand your absentee, cheating, and womanizing Dad is the town’s Major. While Mom’s on a trip to the loony house, Dad suddenly picks up a bong-smoking stranger as the crazier than crazy nanny (who turns out to be an amateur knife-wielding personal motivator for girls and family therapist!).
Of course, this premise could be hilariously funny, and very touching, if only the plot has more basic common sense in it. And, if you’re a boy sliding on giant fiberglass spiral pool slider, on your belly, naked, in real life, you could just end up in hospital with doctors sewing back your wee-wee to its original position. Urgh.

My Rating: 5/10


White Elephant

white elephantUS release date: March 29

Elefante Blanco is not an elephant. It’s a big, humongous, old and unfinished derelict building situated in Buenos Aires’ poorest slum. It’s not even painted white. Now a local priest, a young Belgian priest, and a pretty social worker are trying to get things going for the needy. But first they need more financial support from the City Hall, skirt around addicts, druglords, armed gangs, land conflicts, and police raids, while dealing with personal problems.
Among their personal problems is, predictably, too predictably, a blazing romance between the young priest and the pretty social worker that clearly has no other life outside her job.

My Rating: 5/10


wrongUS release date: March 29

There are always some new and weirdly original things to see in a Quentin Dupieux movie. And, as you might have expected, there are also too much things go wrong in it. It’s all started with a missing pet dog, and things just go wronger and wronger, and more chuckle-inducing, along the way.

My Rating: 7/10

‘Hasduk Berpola’: Film Anak Yang Hampir Berhasil Jadi Film (Anak)

hasdukFilm ini dimulai dengan nyaris sempurna sebagai sebuah film anak–film anak cowok pada khususnya. Budi, yang kelakuannya lebih sering kurang berbudi, tapi kadang bisa baik hati juga, adalah seorang protagonis layar perak yang luar biasa realistis. Sok jago, genit, tengil. Mustahil untuk tidak jatuh hati padanya. Dunia Budi adalah dunia anak Indonesia sebenarnya. Dunia film Indonesia sejati.
Namun setelah itu dunia sinetron mulai merembes masuk perlahan lewat sosok Ibunya Budi yang termehek-mehek dengan kuah rawon dan nostalgia almarhum Ayah Budi. Bening adiknya Budi, yang termehek-mehek dengan sprei Barbienya, kakak-kakak Pembina berwajah covergirl dan coverboy, adegan pesan iklan titipan sponsor, lalu satu-satunya toko yang menjual hasduk di Bojonegoro adalah toko seorang encik judes yang harga barangnya tidak bisa ditawar.
Bud, kalau kamu sudah beberapa hari kerja keras jadi kuli panggul bawang di pasar tapi uangmu masih kurang Rp.2500 buat beli hasduk, kamu cuma perlu kerja satu-dua hari lagi dan hasduk itu pasti akan terbeli kan? Kenaikan harga hasduk itu tidak secepat kenaikan harga bawang kok!
Dan dunia anak, dunia film, dunia Budi, semakin sarat beban dengan melankoli Mbahnya Budi sang mantan pejuang kemerdekaan yang ternyata juga harus bersedu-sedan dengan masa lalu.
Hasduk Berpola, awalnya, hampir berhasil bercerita tentang nasionalisme tanpa menggurui, tapi akhirnya toh harus menyerah pada adegan hormat bendera dan nyanyi lagu kebangsaan bersama-sama.

My Rating: 6/10

A Resurrection

A-ResurrectionUS release date: March 22

The whole thing happens in a course of just one afterschool evening in a small obscure town with bad cellphone reception, only one deputy sheriff available, only one hulking pro-wrestler-like student’s parent nearby, one creepy janitor, and a zero population neighborhood so you can’t even run off the almost empty public building to get some help while people get murdered inside. Well, at least the one and only town witch is very helpful. And she doesn’t even have a cellphone.
And this might also surprise you, but Devon Sawa really looks a wee bit like young Jim Carrey these days. Rest in peace, Michael Clarke Duncan!

My Rating: 3/10

Everybody Has a Plan

everybodyUS release date: March 22

Everybody has a plan. The doctor has his own plan, his wife has her own plan. His blood-coughing twin brother has another plan, and then the brother’s criminal friends also have their own plans. But what is the not-so-good doctor really want to achieve by putting himself into that elaborate, dangerous, and quite implausible, not-so-good scenario? For some kind of a clean start, but in a very dirty situation, plus some money, just because he could not confront his wife’s plan? A coward who suddenly has the courage to do a very unreasonable plan?

My Rating: 4/10

Hunky Dory

hunky doryUS release date: March 22

A high school musical (rehearsals, mainly) in 1976 Wales, ‘The Tempest’ as rock opera–quite ambitious, directed by a new female drama teacher who sets to prove other older teachers are all wrong, starring a bunch of way-too-old looking kids. Somehow the casting department must have failed to find any decent young, or–if must–young looking, lead singers/actors. But nobody ever complained too much about Travolta and Newton-John in ‘Grease’, so it won’t be a big problem, right?
The musical show itself is sketchy, apart from some arbitrary 70’s pop songs, and out of the stage personal problems plots are also stretched paper-thin in between too much non essential characters. But at least those non speaking and junior high extras are in appropriate ages.

My Rating: 4/10