Beyond the Hills

dupa2012 Cannes Film Festival – Winners Best Actress, Best Screenplay.
2012 Mar del Plata Film Festival – Winner Best Film.

US release date: March 8

It’s awkward to call a young nun “Mother”, and it’s creepy to call the priest “Daddy”, let alone to confess your sins to him. It’s a confusing time for Voichita. Would she stay at the small, poor, Orthodox monastery, or go to Germany with her troubled friend Alina, working on a cruise ship? She should try to convert Alina to be more ‘religious.’ To ‘cleanse’ her. The other nuns think there’s something very wrong with Alina. She might be under some kind of ‘devilish’ influence. First thing to do: make a list of sins!

My Rating: 8/10


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