The We and the I

the weUS release date: March 8

Gondry’s first non-pro actors feature film revisits the director’s fascination with low-class ‘colored’ people of America, first spotted on Be Kind Rewind.
These kids are chaotic, mean, hostile, nosy, noisy, big mouthed, irritating, and over the top. iPhone’s, Samsung’s, and Blackberry’s young slaves. They’re straight, gay, lesbian. They just can’t stop kissing, picking, pushing, and slapping each other. They litter, they smoke in front of a baby. And they talk to the bus driver, while she’s driving.
Of course, they’re fictional characters on a fictional bus. Surely real American teenagers don’t dangle ‘water bras’ on public, on their last day of school or any day, on Bronx or anywhere, right?

My Rating: 6/10


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