Hunky Dory

hunky doryUS release date: March 22

A high school musical (rehearsals, mainly) in 1976 Wales, ‘The Tempest’ as rock opera–quite ambitious, directed by a new female drama teacher who sets to prove other older teachers are all wrong, starring a bunch of way-too-old looking kids. Somehow the casting department must have failed to find any decent young, or–if must–young looking, lead singers/actors. But nobody ever complained too much about Travolta and Newton-John in ‘Grease’, so it won’t be a big problem, right?
The musical show itself is sketchy, apart from some arbitrary 70’s pop songs, and out of the stage personal problems plots are also stretched paper-thin in between too much non essential characters. But at least those non speaking and junior high extras are in appropriate ages.

My Rating: 4/10


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